Sweet Dreams Sleep Enhancing Light Bulb (No Blue Light)


Blue-Free General Purpose Light Bulb (9W LED)

The light bulb for healthy sleep.

The BlockBlueLight Sweet Dreams Bulb improves the quality and duration of sleep. It supports the natural sleep cycle and delivers high quality, warm evening lighting.

The Sweet Dreams Bulb is ideal for lighting in bedrooms and evening lighting environments throughout the home.

Supports natural melatonin production: 3 times that of standard lights

SLEEP BETTER: Use Sweet Dreams Bulb before bed to promote relaxation and quality sleep. It produces the perfect amount of light for evening activities: not too bright, not too dim.

Helps to naturally regulate your circadian rhythm: Sweet Dreams Bulbs's unique technology allows your body to prepare for sleep, and supports your natural sleep-wake cycle.

NO HEADACHES, NO EYESTRAIN: Sweet Dreams Bulb is engineered to provide more comfortable nighttime light. The instant you switch it on, you'll feel the muscles in your eyes relax.

Customised spectrum supports a deep, restful and natural sleep: Minimises the blue light energy known to cause sleep disruption

Standard E27 (screw) or B22 (bayonet) base: 
screw-in or bayonet type fitting - fits most household lamps and overhead light fittings


For best results: turn off any other artificial lighting and electronics. Use the Sweet Dreams LED bulbs for at least one hour before going to bed. Remember to turn off the Sweet Dreams bulbs before going to sleep, as the best sleep is always attained in a cool, dark room.


- Colour temperature: 2200k

- Output (lumens): 700m

- Melanopic/ohotopic ratio (M/P): 0.33+/0.02

- Colour rendering index: >0.95

- Equivalent source standard: 40WE

- Input voltage: 220v/60hz

- Power consumption (watts): 9w

- Power factor: >0.9

- Weight: 0.1kg

- Base: E27 (screw) or B22 (bayonet)

- Certifications: CE, ROHS

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Aimee H.

No more night owls

This has made all our little night owls voluntarily pull back their bedtime by 1-2 hours&awe ourselves are going to sleep with them, gladly! The difference is that for this mama-after almost 12 years I am finally getting some sleep!! Thankyou


Hey Aimee, you won't mind if we put this in our next sales pitch: "Helping your toddlers go to bed on time so you can have some you-time" ;) Glad to hear they are making your life easier.

Sara W.
New Zealand

Sweet light bulb

Great product, works well and does exactly what it says on the tin.

Karl U.

DeLIGHTful!!! :D

LOVE my new Sweet Dreams lights!!! First night I used them I cracked the 2hr mark of deep sleep (on my Oura ring)! It does make my house look like the inside of a submarine but I don’t mind it at all, though my partner has had a little more trouble accepting them! Lol. So, like everything, we problem solve and negotiate. She can go use regular lights in another room and I have my Sweet Dreams lights on for me. As far as sleep hygiene protocols go, this has been a game changer because it so tangibly identifies “Operation Wind Down” has clearly commenced! It’s such a great visual reminder that ALL activities from that point onwards must align with sleep preparation. Wish I had’ve had these years ago!! Oh well; I’ve got every night left ahead of me to use them and benefit from!

Geraldine M.

Best blue block bulbs

Absolutely love the blue blocking light bulbs.They give a beautiful warmly lit atmosphere to the room, I thought they may be too dark but they are not at all. Have replaced all my bulbs with them throughout the house. Highly recommend.


Hey Geraldine, great to hear you liking the bulbs, we created them to be used through out the house and its great to hear your doing just that! We also love the relaxing warm light they emit

Juliet M.
New Zealand

Very contented

In the evenings I have two lamps with Sweet Dreams light bulbs in my room. The warm glow is very pleasing, as if I'm in a room lit by candles and a fire, so emotionally satisfying for my poetic soul. My sleep is more sound on average. Also I'm relieved to find I can read easily with the bedside lamp. I'm giving these bulbs as gifts now, including to a new mother. Highly recommended!


Hi Juliet, Awesome to hear your loving the bulbs :)

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