Sweet Dreams Light Blub (Blue-Free General Purpose Light Bulb)

Blue-Free General Purpose Light Bulb (9W LED)

Sleep Enhancing Biological LED Light

 The BlockBlueLight Sweet Dreams Bulb improves the quality and duration of sleep. It supports the natural sleep cycle and delivers high quality, warm evening lighting.

The BlockBlueLight Sweet Dreams Bulb is ideal for lighting in bedrooms and evening lighting environments.

Blocks all blue light up to 510nm

Supports natural melatonin production: 3x that of standard lights

Helps to Naturally Regulate Your Circadian Rhythm: BlockBlueLight's unique technology allows your body to prepare for sleep, and supports your natural sleep-wake cycle

Customized Spectrum Supports a Deep, Restful and Natural Sleep: Minimizes the types of light energy known to cause sleep disruption

High Quality Light At Night: In addition to supporting sleep, the BlockBlueLight Sweet Dreams Bulb provides comfortable, warm light with high color rendering

Standard E27 (Screw) or B22 (Bayonet) Base: Screw in or Bayonet type fitting - Fits most household lamps and overhead light fittings

Blocks light up to 510nm and emits no melatonin-suppressing  blue light

For Best Results: Turn off any other artificial lighting and electronics. Use the BlockBlueLight Sweet Dreams LED lamps for at least one hour before going to bed. Remember to turn off the BlockBlueLight Sweet Dreams lamp before going to sleep, as the best sleep is always attained in a cool, dark room.


- Color Temperature:2200k

- Output (Lumens):700m

- Melanopic/Photopic Ratio (M/P): 0.33+/0.02

- Color Rendering Index:>0.95

- Equivalent Source Standard: 40WE

- Input Voltage:220v/60hz

- Power Consumption (watts):9w

- Power Factor:>0.9

- Weight:0.1kg

- Base:E27 (Screw) / or B22 (Bayonet)

- Certifications:CE,ROHS

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