Red Night Light with 2 x Red LED Bulbs

Red Light Low Blue Light Nightlight

Perfect for use after sunset. These nightlights plug straight into the wall and come with 2 x 4 LED low wattage light bulbs. The nightlight has a built-in on/off switch, meaning you can leave these plugged in.


  • Nightlight socket + 2 Red LED light bulbs
  • Super energy efficient - only 0.5 watts
  • Bulbs are E14 C7 screw type
  • Nightlight socket is SAA Australia approved with a E14 socket for 220-240V wall sockets
  • On/off switch on the front of the light socket
  • Zero harmful blue light production - all high NM wavelength light
  • 5000 hour bulb life (2 years of nighttime use)


  • Great for use around the home as it emits enough light to see without any harmful blue light
  • Perfect for use in the kitchen after sunset
  • An ideal bedside reading lamp 
  • Handy for children's bedrooms: now you can use nightlights without disrupting your child's melatonin production
  • Great for use in bathrooms: use lights at night without disrupting your sleep with artificial blue light from regular bulbs
  • Ideal for a baby's nursery

The single pack comes with:

1 x wall socket nightlight lamp with on/off switch

2x LED red light bulbs (one spare bulb)

Please note: these are only designed for 220/240v electrical systems, these will not work on 120v systems in North America 

Lamp is certified by SGS for use and sale in Australia - Standard AS/NZS 60598.1:2003

Bulb is CE certified by MTC Product Testing 

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