NightFall Premium Blue Blocking Glasses


NightFall Premium Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Nocturnal Red Lenses utilise unique technology to filter out the all wavelengths that interfere with melatonin production — maximising your sleep quality, performance, and health.  

These are the world's most advanced blue and green light blocking lenses designed for after-dark use. They block 100% of blue and green light from 380-570nm making it the most powerful lens on the market. 

​We have wrapped our Nocturnal lens in a high quality light frame with a wrap-around fit to minimise leakage of unfiltered light, and high quality padding on the inside to ensure a comfortable fit.

These blue blocker glasses are made for people who are serious about improving their sleep and want the best possible product to do the job!

  • 100% blue light from 380-500nm, and all green light from 500-570nm blocked
  • Lightweight and waterproof polycarbonate frame
  • Wrap around design, eliminating any "light leakage" - this is essential in maximising melatonin production
  • Full coverage foam barrier border
  • Hard-shell glasses case
  • Flexible and adjustable arms
  • UV, glare and scratch-resistant lenses

 If you wear reading or prescription glasses, we offer our NightFall Fitover Glasses, so you can continue to wear your glasses and still obtain maximum blue and green light protection.

Shipped next day from both New Zealand and Australia

What's the difference between these and the 'style' glasses?

The Nightfall is our premium and best blue light blocking design, and here's why:

  1. The Nightfall features our Nocturnal Red Lens - which blocks not only blue light, but green light as well. To a lesser degree, green light  also impacts melatonin and sleep
  2. Our Nightfall glasses have a stylish frame and comfortable - they look great on! 
  3. The Nightfall comes with a hard case, perfect for storing your glasses and travelling with them.

Meanwhile our Style Glasses use our SunDown amber lens, but come with a handy travel case and a more fashionable frame perfect for social situations.

Which should you choose?

If you are serious about improving your sleep, and you want a nice looking set of glasses that come with a handy case, then our Nightfall Premium Glasses are the recommended choice.

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Kirk Y.
United States

Night Fall glasses

Hey Daniel, I appreciate your efforts and ability to create these Night Fall glasses, they are awesome. The world feels safe at night from the blue light. I am in an environment where the light is non-stop and intense up to 10-30 pm and later if I stay up. These are way more effective filtering the blue light, I mean everything is yellow, orange or red. I can feel an instant coming in my body and head when I put them on(about 10pm) Sometimes at night in meetings I get an odd ache in my muscles, especially my legs. I have to walk or rub them to distract the discomfort. That went away almost immediately on putting on the Night Falls. This was amazing. If I get up in the middle of the night I replace my eye mask with the Night Falls and walk to the bathroom and back. I fall back to sleep with and ease that I have not experienced my whole life. Just the initial falling asleep is improved equally. Another thing I experienced is I am more chill the next day. I don't get as annoyed at things that would bother me. It was very overt, like wow that didn't bother me and I am more comfortable with life. Sounds bizarre but difficult to find right works to communicate what I am trying to convey. Yes, they are great and thanks again. What steered me to this was reading Alex Fergus and then Dr. Stephan Gundry and then I got your website. Best regards, Kirk Youngman PS; Question: someone I was explaining this to asked if one could do this with contact lenses?


Hi Kirk, Wow thanks for such an awesome review! I'm so glad to hear the glasses are helping you sleep and kick more butt in the day. And it's always great hearing how you found us. Finally the world is waking up to the harmful effects of blue light huh?! Regarding your question - yeah I don't see why it couldn't be used with contacts. Thanks again for your response.

Len's F.

Very happy with these

As a long term insomniac, I have found few products that help me, however, these glasses make me feel sleepy and I fall asleep quicker, sleep better and longer and even having dreams again. Thank you.

Lens F. verified customer review of BlockBlueLight

Hi Len, amazing news to hear these are helping you! having dreams is a great sign of good restful sleep!

Lynette J.

Zzzzz at last

I love these glasses. Yes, TV viewing is a little odd but who cares when you can wake up the next morning feeling like you actually slept.


Hi Lynette, awesome news to hear your liking the glasses. Yes TV viewing changes, but dosnt take long to get used to it, and your right sooo worth it for the quality of sleep they bring!


Your sleeps best friend

Great night time glasses. Very pleased that they block everything from 380 to 570 nm. I actually had the opportunity to have them checked with a spectrum analyser and it showed it does exactly what it says so very very pleased. I wear then for about 2 hours before bed to maximise the effect of releasing melatonin and generally fall asleep within 5 min. I do notice the difference in my deep sleep when I have been out and not had the opportunity of wearing them before bed. They are also great at blocking more light with the wrap around features so there is less chance of getting that stray light into your eyes.


Hi Adrian, Thanks for the amazing review! Im glad you did your own testing to keep us honest on the light spectrums we say we block, this is something we invest a lot of time into when designing our products to ensure we are removing all the harmful wavelengths! Awesome to hear they are working well for you! :)

Matthew R

Great product overall

Great product overall. I wear these often at night, usually when doing computer work and they appear to do an excellent job of blocking out the blue and green frequencies of light. They are comfortable to wear and the build quality seems reasonable. I have no complaints! In-fact, I recently purchased a second pair as a back-up. Service from the company is excellent too. Thanks

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