Computer Glasses And Gaming Glasses For Daytime Use

For people who are indoors under artificial light and in front of digital screens during the day, we have developed our ScreenTime Computer Glasses range. These blue light computer glasses are designed to drastically reduce, but not entirely eliminate, a user’s exposure to blue light while engaged with computers or other blue light emitting devices over the course of the day. Our ScreenTime range are also suitable to use as gaming glasses.

The ScreenTime Computer Glasses range all feature our signature ClearBlue Lens, which is specifically designed to permit the good light responsible for alertness, mood, brain activity, and optimal health, whilst filtering the harmful artificial blue light that leads to digital eye strain, headaches, and macular degeneration.

The unique filtering technology reduces blue light by 50% across the entire blue light spectrum, but more specifically, it targets blue light at the 455nm range and filters it by 50%; this is an important feature to look for when selecting a pair of computer glasses, as the strongest wavelength of light emitted from digital devices and LED lighting is exactly at 455nm. When it comes to blue light glasses for computer use that are on the market, if no details are provided about the exact wavelengths being filtered, it’s more than likely the computer glasses will not provide adequate blue light protection for daytime use.


In today’s modern world, we are simply bombarded with too much blue light. Our computer screens, office and home lighting, phones, and other devices all emit extremely unnatural levels of isolated blue light. Excessive blue light exposure is linked to headaches, digital eye strain, migraines, dry and tired eyes, and even permanent eye damage. Using computer glasses and eye strain glasses created to specifically target the harmful wavelengths of modern lighting and digital devices will ensure you are only receiving healthy, balanced levels of blue light so you don’t experience any of these negative effects caused by overexposure to blue light.

If you already wear reading or prescription glasses, we offer our ScreenTime Computer Glasses in a FitOver version. This allows you to keep your existing glasses on, and when you need blue light protection, the FitOver Computer Glasses fit nicely over your lenses to give you the best blue light protection.

For parents looking for an effective blue light filtering solution for their children, we have our Kids Computer Glasses designed to provide your kids with a safe way of engaging with blue light emitting devices. These Kids Computer Glasses utilise our ClearBlue Lens technology, making them great as a pair of gaming glasses too!