Red Sleep Bulbs For Night Lights and Lamps

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  • Red LED Bulbs For Sleep (E14 Screw)

    NOTE: the e14 sized bulbs are extra bulbs for your Red LED Nightlight (which you can purchase here). This item does not include the nightlight wall plugin socket.

    Needing more bulbs for the BlockBlueLight Red Nightlight, other night lights, or lamps? Look no further!

    These bulbs screw into most common sized Nightlights and salt lamps (or other night lights that take e14  bulbs) - providing you with an  2 x LED low wattage light bulbs.

    The single pack comes with:

    2x LED red light bulbs

    These bulbs can be used with any night lights or lamps which take e14  screw in bulbs. 

    If your wanting a red night light (which takes the e14 sized bulbs) we have our BlockBlueLight Red Nightlight pack which comes with 2 x red bulbs plus a night light socket, you can purchase this here.


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Customer Reviews
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Jordan T.
Australia Australia

Great Night light

Easy to purchase , great description, sent quickly and works a treat. Great quality and you really can tell difference late at night with the red light, as night vision not impacted. Would be great to have a day/night sensor.

Mary F.
Australia Australia

Fantastic product!

Love these night lights! We are ***** training kids at night and they have no trouble getting back to sleep with our new lights. Totally recommend these and other blue light blocking products!

Phil T.
Australia Australia

Red Night Light

My son is now getting to sleep and staying asleep much better than with his previous standard night light!

Rebecca O.
Australia Australia

Night lights great for my baby

I purchased 2 red night lights to help with baby night feeding, nappy changes at night and settling back to sleep. The red lights helps my baby go back to sleep and there’s enough light being emitted, so I don’t need to turn on any other lights in the house. Would highly recommend.

Craig M.
Australia Australia

Has really helped

Due to a new medication, I have needed to get up twice a night to visit the bathroom. Installing the Red LED Night Light for Sleep in the bathroom has meant that my sleep is less disturbed and my night vision is not effected. Really happy.

Francesca C.
Australia Australia

Essential for newborn baby

Bought red light LED for our room and toddlers room, put twilight night light in our ikea lamps next to change mat and feeding chair, Baby and I go straight back to sleep for night feeds. Toddler crying out less in night. If we ever move to a bigger house will buy more. Have recommended to every young family I know

Shannon K.
Australia Australia

Excellent night lights for kids and adults

Great product to keep a light in the kids rooms without keeping them awake. So hard to find red lights anywhere so I’m glad I found these!

joanne s.
Australia Australia

Red Led Night Light

Took some time to get use to the red light but now after a few weeks i love it. I have it in my bedroom and find that im falling asleep quicker when i try to read in bed, which is great for me.

Kimmy B.
Australia Australia


I work as a midwife and encourage mothers to have these light so that when they feed their babies in the bedroom at night they will be able to go back to sleep quicker and also not to disturb their sleeping partners

Sormeh A.
Australia Australia

Red LED night light

The light is great, bright enough to see things without waking you up. We use it in our babies room and it's working for us. I can see well enough for feeds but it doesn't appear to effect his asleep.

Ifeoma A.
Australia Australia

Good night light, better sleep

I'm quite happy with this product. No need to turn on bright lights in the middle of the night. Sleep comes back easier than when I had to turn on bright lights to use the bathroom or check on my kid. Great product!

Margie B.
Australia Australia

Great Product; Prompt Service

The red light night light seems to have helped our little grandson to return to sleep and be more settled. The light bulbs that we also purchased are terrific with a soft relaxing glow for evening and don't compromise bedtime reading at all. Thank you so much

Teaghan V.
Australia Australia

Excellent product

Love the red night light. It enables me to feed my little one off to sleep with enough light for me to see but not to wake the baby

A BlockBlueLight Customer
Bryce H.
Australia Australia

Best light globes for night nursing

These lights have been super helpful during our bedtime routine, winding down our baby for a restful night sleep. We also use them during night feedings so we don’t wake up completely and can all go back to sleep easily as we now aren’t exposed to blue light during the night! Thank you!

Kerrie G.
Australia Australia

A gadget that supports sleep

Excellent gadget providing pure red light for night treks or for when grandkids sleep over

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