Red Light Therapy Healing Light

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  • The BlockBlueLight R&D team has developed the most powerful and portable red light therapy device available. We have designed and manufactured our own red light therapy device to match the popular big brands on wavelength accuracy, intensity, and effectiveness, but at a much more affordable price!

    This small but very powerful device will give you a wide range of amazing benefits ranging from:
    - Improved circadian rhythms and deeper sleep cycles
    - Rapid recovery from workouts and relief from aches and pain
    - Smooth glowing, younger looking, rejuvenated skin
    - Improved mitochondrial function for limitless energy to last throughout the day

    This is a small but powerful red light therapy device made with specifically-chosen wavelengths of 660nm of red light and 880nm of infrared light for maximum mitochondrial stimulation and energy, healing, and recovery benefits.

    This unit is perfect for red light facials or more specific treatments to areas requiring the healing powers of both red and near-infrared light. Whether you are looking to heal skin injuries, do rapid repairs, or reduce fine lines, this is the best red light device for the job! 

    Extremely portable, this unit is perfect for traveling, whether you are on the road or away on holiday.

    This unit comes with a holder with an on/off switch and a power cord with NZ/AU plug on it.

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