Kids NightFall Blue Blocking Glasses

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  • Give your kids the best chance to succeed and excel at life by using our custom designed Premium Kids NightFall Blue Blocking Glasses. These are hands down the most powerful and effective kids sized blue blocker glasses available. 

    Did you know children's eyes are over 100% more sensitive to blue light than adults? This is because up until the age of 15 their eyes are not yet fully developed. Kids pupil's are more transparent and larger - this means their eyes are completely unprotected and taking in much higher levels of high-energy, damaging blue light waves.

    Overexposure to high frequency blue and green light from digital devices and artificial lighting will damage the development of a child's eye sight, disrupt their sleep, and lead to behavioral and learning disorders. Artificial light is hindering your children's brain development and disrupting their sleep.

    Our Kids NightFall Glasses feature our Nocturnal Kids Lens - we have specially designed this kids friendly lens to be a lighter shade of red to allow more yellow, orange, and red light wavelengths though while still blocking all of the harmful blue and green wavelengths. They are just as effective as the original nightfall lens … just with improved visibility!

    ​We have wrapped our Nocturnal Kids lens in a high quality, light acetate frame, custom designed to ensure a snug fit on your child's face with a wrap-around design to minimise leakage of unfiltered light

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Pat B.
New Zealand New Zealand

Good fit

I bought these for my daughter. She loves to wear them and puts them on following dinner and doesn't take them off until she climbs into bed. She has been falling asleep quickly and sleeping more soundly. They were a very worthwhile purchase.

Mandy G.
Australia Australia

Good product the kids love to wear

Glasses are comfortable to wear.

Michelle B.
Australia Australia

Great product

I bought the kids blue blocking glasses for my 8 year old daughter. It was a big concern to me that anytime she had screen time after dark it would disrupt her circadian rhythms as well as generally being detrimental for her eye health. Great product to protect our kids.

Carly K.
Australia Australia

Kids blueblockers

I noticed my Son sleeps much better through the night and he even uses them to play on his iPad. It used to take him a while to fall asleep, but wearing the glasses as soon as the sunsets kicks starts his melatonin, and he starts getting sleepy as the night draws in.

Carly K. verified customer review of Kids NightFall Blue Blocking Glasses

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