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Yoo J.

Must have item in this day and age!

Everyone thinks im crazy for wearing these, but my sleep has improved because i actually get sleepy now at the right time instead of being wide awake for hours at night. Theyre simple but effective and sturdy. Great value for something so vital for your health (sleep). Now when I dont wear these glasses, I notice how bright and blue all the lights are everywhere; my house lights, light that creeps in from the street, etc. Putting night shift on your phone alone isnt enough, you’ll need glasses like these if you’re serious about blocking blue light and improving your sleep quality. Dont mind the science experiment and construction jokes when you’ll be getting better sleep than anyone :)


I love it! Thanks for such an epic review. Everything you said resonates with us here at Blueblockers :)

Natalie D.
Australia Australia

Great product

Having purchased a pair of Blue light blocking glasses previously, I looked forward to receiving my new pair that could fit over my existing prescription glasses. Now I can watch TV or work on my laptop late into the night. I definitely have improved sleep as a result.

Phil O.
Australia Australia

Better Sleep

Great, sleeping better and partner says they look great..... Ziggy Stardust :)

Lis P.
New Zealand New Zealand

Works and fits well

These glasses fit comfortably over my reading glasses and definitely blocks the blue light. Happy customers.


Great for gaming before bedtime!

These work pretty well over my prescription glasses. I use them when Im playing computer games before bed time and they really help me to feel sleepy and prevent me from staying away hours later in bed. I used to use an app on my PC that adjusted the blue light, but I didn't like that because it affected taking screenshots, plus these glasses seem to work better anyway.

A BlockBlueLight Customer
Liam C.
Australia Australia

Fast shipping, good quality product

Fast shipping, good quality product and great service

Suzan M.
Australia Australia

Sleeping again!!

Love love love my glasses they look good and I now sleep so much better and eyes are less dry, I fully endorse them!

Ken z.
Australia Australia

Blue Light Glasses

I like these glasses. Great Ken

Elizabeth B.
Australia Australia

Fit-over Blue Light Blocking Glasses

I love these fit-overs! They are easy to use and because of their colour, easy to find. They are so comfortable that sometimes I forget that I am wearing them.

John H.

Original Fit-over Blue Light Blocking Glasses

They fit very well, Good to have protection from Blue light while using a computer at night

Jodie M.

Improved Eye Health

I'm so glad I found this item. I've been suffering a long time from chronic dry eye which left me unable to look at screens without discomfort. Now with my blue blocking glasses not only can I look at screens whenever I want but my overall eye health has improved. The glasses fit nicely over my existing prescription glasses and sometimes I forget I'm even wearing them. Great buy especially because some devices don't allow blue blocking technology. They are also great for watching TV so as not to disturb others viewing buy putting filters on their favourite shows. I wont go without them now and will likely purchase other items from BlockBlueLight in the future.

Melody G.

sleep so well now

It solved the problem of not being able to sleep. I use for computer and tv watching and wear over my glasses. They may not be elegant but they have solved my eternal sleeplessness. I do have a couple of other strategies as well but this was the turning point for me.Have also referred to a friend who will purchase herself shortly.

Kaye G.

Great Blueblock Glasses and Great Service

A pleasure to do business with. Staff are most helpful and easy to communicate with. And ... when you put the glasses on the whole atmosphere changes to a nicer space, but its not till you take them off that you realise how harsh the normal night lighting is ... i could tell the difference in my sleep after only one night's sleep. Thanks Blueblock.


Hi Kaye, it was our please to sell you these glasses and hear about how much they are helping you! Its crazy once you suddenly realize how harsh lighting is without them, we never go anywhere without our glasses because of this!

Stephen S.

Blue Block Glasses

My experience with the Blue light blocking glasses was very positive I strongly believe that blue light has negative effects on our circadian rythyms and I found positive effects with sleeping and with ARMD. Thanks I will recommend these to my patients Stephen Sprada Naturopath ND DBM MAHSc

Stephen S. verified customer review of BlueBlockers Fitover Glasses
Robert B.

A Quality Product

After viewing the SBS One program “Body Clock - What Makes us Tick” we ordered a BlockBlueLight Original Fitover for my wife who often plays bridge on-line in the evening, or some other computer game (Order No. 4946 on 2/12/18). She thinks that the Fitover is helping, but at the age of 77 also has an age-related medical problem (apparently inherited from her mother) that delays sleepiness. I purchased a second Fitover for myself (Order 4977 on 7/12/18) after inspecting the first purchase which I found to be a quality product. I generally don’t have a problem falling asleep, but thought the Fitover would be useful in reducing eyestrain when using the computer and so it does. In reading previous reviews of this product on your website, I noted one remark: that the weight of the Fitover caused nose discomfort. I experienced such discomfort after using them for a while with a pair of over-the-counter reading glasses. (My wife doesn’t experience such discomfort.) However I found that the problem disappeared when I used the Fitovers with an alternate pair of reading glasses. A comparison of both pairs demonstrated that the nose pads of the former were closer together than the latter. This caused the reading glasses to ride higher on my nose, get caught on the upper lip of the Fitover, with the supporting weight of the Fitover increasing pressure on the nose pads. I also note that the Fitovers have a hole at the end of each arm that can be used for a cord to carry them around your neck.


Hi Robert, Thanks for such a comprehensive review on the glasses! Glad to hear they are providing benefits to you and your wife!

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