Red Sleep Bulbs For Night Lights

  • Red Nightlight Bulbs For Sleep (E14 Screw)

    NOTE: the e14 sized bulbs are extra bulbs for your Red LED Nightlight (which you can purchase here). This item does not include the nightlight wall plugin socket.

    These bulbs screw into most common sized Nightlights and salt lamps (or other night lights that take e14 bulbs) - providing you with an  2 x LED low wattage light bulbs. 

    We have designed these to be very dim and only provide very low amount of lighting. If your wanting a brighter red light to be able to read with or provide brighter lighting we have our Twilight Bedtime Bulb.

    The single pack comes with:

    2x LED red light bulbs

    These bulbs can be used with any night lights or lamps which take e14 screw in bulbs. 

    If your wanting a red night light we have our BlockBlueLight Red Nightlight pack which comes with 2 x red bulbs plus a night light socket, you can purchase this here.