NightFall Premium Blue Blocking Glasses

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  • NightFall Premium Blue Light Blocking Glasses

    Nocturnal Red Lenses utilise unique technology to filter out the all wavelengths that interfere with melatonin production - maximising your sleep quality, performance, and health.

    These are the world's most advanced blue and green light blocking lenses designed for after-dark use. They block 99% of blue and green light from 380-570nm making it the most powerful lens on the market.

    High quality light frame with a wrap-around fit to minimise leakage of unfiltered light, and high quality padding on the inside to ensure a comfortable fit.

    These blue blocker glasses are made for people who are serious about improving their sleep and want the best possible product to do the job! You can still see to read, watch TV or work on your computer/tablet/phone, while your sleep hormones shift to night mode.

    If you wear reading or prescription glasses, we offer our NightFall Fitover Glasses, so you can continue to wear your glasses and still obtain maximum blue and green light protection.


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Sayeed S.
Australia Australia

Excellent Quality and Fast Delivery

The products are of very good quality. Amazed by the speed of delivery and love the customer service with immediate response and keeping me posted on each and every step. I am so happy that you answered all my questions, which made this a smooth transaction. Keep up the great work!

Katie M.
Australia Australia

Such relief!

It is immediate the relief that I feel from putting on these blue light blocking glasses once the indoor lights have to come on. Having a highly sensitive nervous system, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, along with other neurological based issues, I truly think it is essential to block blue light at night. My eyes and nervous system feel calmer and less strained immediately when wearing them, and make my transition from awake to sleep much smoother. It’s amazing how much of a difference it makes. I won’t be going without these any longer! They’re a must. Also, great quality, very comfortable to wear and very effective. Very happy! Thankyou!

Katie Moon verified customer review of NightFall Premium Blue Blocking Glasses
Australia Australia


Great Job.

Nicky E.
New Zealand New Zealand

So good had to buy my sister some as she kept stealing mine.

Comfortable to wear and great fit.. would recommend

Australia Australia

Great! Sleeping much better

Sleeping much better, both onsit and less waking during the night. Only issue is that I have a pretty big head, so there is less than a centimeter on the strap at the back for the Velcro to grip. Therefore, it comes undone somethimes.

Heather S.
Australia Australia

Makes a difference

I bought these for my daughter and they have helped her sleep better

Dez A.
Australia Australia

Elite blue blocking glasses

Very good thank you

Nadia M.
Australia Australia

Nightfall Elite Blueblocking Glasses

Very comfortable, they feel like everyday glasses.

Australia Australia


I have now owned 4 different types of blue light blocking glasses and the nightfall premium work the best for sleep. I have an Oura Ring to track the results for sleep quality. I have had Gunners that were pretty good. Then I went cheap and got a $25 pair of Shileded Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses on Amazon - these were terrible Then I got Original Blue Light Blocking Sleep Glasses AND the NIGHTFALL PREMIUM BLUE BLOCKING GLASSES The Original Blue Light Blocking Sleep Glasses are better than the Gunners and cheaper by half The NIGHTFALL PREMIUM BLUE BLOCKING GLASSES are as expensive as the Gunners but way better

Drew C.
Australia Australia

NightFall Premium Blue Blocking Glasses

I bought these for my son as he is chronically ill and spends a lot of time in front of the computer. They are a great fit and very effective. He finds he sleeps much better if uses them for a couple of hours before bed. We also purchased the Sweet Dreams Sleep Light for his bedroom to minimise his blue light exposure throughout the evenings. Good service and quick delivery as well.

Mark M.
Australia Australia

Slank Approves!!!

Being 1/2 of the greatest funk rap comedy rock outfits known to man BIG EAGLE AND THE SLANK, it is imperative that the Slank can get his 7-9 hours sleep each night . These blue light lenses have been a GAME CHANGER!! Incredible 5/5 and would recommend ! #yestheboyz

Mark McCormack verified customer review of NightFall Premium Blue Blocking Glasses
A BlockBlueLight Customer
Tanya S.
Australia Australia

I like the glasses -

I like the glasses - they fit well & I can still see well enough but I look a bit like a futuristic steam punk motorcycle racer!

Daniel L.
Australia Australia

Latency to sleep improved!

The time it has taken to fall asleep has improved. Using the data from my Oura ring and the times I used the glasses vs when I have not, the data is proof it has helped. Also being that I’m a shift worker, I wear them on the way home as sun rises (15min commute) and by the time I am home and go through my sleep routine I’m asleep a lot faster within 8-12 minutes. Highly recommended!

A BlockBlueLight Customer
Annabel B.
Australia Australia


I have been using the NightFall glasses for a few weeks now. I have used a cheaper verion in the past and wanted something to be comfortable whilst reading side lying. These are much more comfortable, although I'd be the first to buy if you made a mask type version for complete night reading comfort!! Thank you, they block out so much more light. Looking forward to using them to manage jetlag on an upcoming trip.

Annabel B. verified customer review of NightFall Premium Blue Blocking Glasses
Bradley W.
Australia Australia


They work great so happy I got them I have big trouble getting to sleep the glasses work so good I put them on 2 hours before bed

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