Custom DayMax Light Sensitivity Glasses - Prescription

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Maximum daytime protection

Maximum Daytime Protection

Assists with light sensitivity

Assists With Light Sensitivity

Reduce migraines & headaches

Reduce Migraines & Headaches

Reduce eye fatigue

Reduce Eye Fatigue

DayMax Glasses provide MAXIMUM protection against blue light during the day by eliminating 100% of the harmful blue light emitted from screens, devices, and lighting, while still allowing all the essential beneficial light though responsible for positive mood, energy, and focus... read more

The DayMax light yellow lenses are ideal for people who are light sensitive, suffer from migraines and eye strain, or are indoors under harsh lighting and use screens and devices all day.

Prescription Vision:Single Vision
Lens Type:Standard

Great For Boosting Mood

Custom DayMax Light Sensitivity Glasses (Send in your frame service)

BlockBlueLight can transform any pair of glasses into our DayMax light sensitivity glasses with our full bespoke custom service.

We can take any frame you like and fit them with our optical grade DayMax yellow lenses, this gives you the assurance you can select the perfect fitting and style frame to suit you whilst getting the very best blue blocking lens technology available.

The process to get your glasses custom made by us is as follows:

1. Choose whatever frame you prefer; this might be an old pair of sunglasses, a pair of reading glasses, a pair of prescription glasses, a pair you recently saw online or in a store.

2. Make a purchase of the custom glasses product on our website. Choose the lens options that best suit your requirements, such as whether you want readers, non-prescription, or prescription lens.

3. You will receive an email with directions on where to ship your frames once the order is complete.

4. After we take receipt of your frames, you will get a notification letting you know that your purchase is being processed and the custom glasses will be created and ready in 8–14 business days.

5. Once your specially crafted custom DayMax light sensativity glasses have been completed we will ship them out to you and send you another email confirmation with the tracking number.

It's that easy!

DISCLAIMER: BlockBlueLight is not responsible for any lost or broken pairs of glasses that are supplied to us by our customers. We handle every pair of glasses with the greatest care, but if we receive those that are old and worn and may not be able to withstand the pressure of a properly-edged lens. By paying for the custom tinting service, you agree to release BlockBlueLight and its suppliers from any liability relating to your glasses despite the fact that we handle your glasses with the highest care.