Deluxe Red Light Therapy Panel Floor Stand

Sale price$ 229.95 AUD
Introducing the BlockBlueLight Deluxe Red Light Therapy Panel Floor Stand, the ultimate companion for your PowerPanel Mid, Pro, Max, or Mega device. Crafted from premium lightweight materials, this stand ensures durability without sacrificing portability.

Designed for convenience, simply slide your panel into the stand for a perfect fit, allowing it to securely stand upright on any surface – whether it's the floor, desk, or table. With this base stand, you gain newfound flexibility in positioning your panel.

Say goodbye to restrictive door-hanging setups. The base stand liberates your red light therapy experience, offering versatile placement options without the hassle of installation or mounting.

Enhanced with wheels, this stand enables effortless mobility, letting you easily maneuver your panel wherever you desire. Its sleek, single-part design ensures a hassle-free setup – no assembly required.
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