Twilight Red Light Bedtime Bulb

  • Blue light and sleep don’t mix

    The Twilight Bedtime Bulb is the ideal dim lighting to use before bed in reading lamps, bedrooms, bathrooms, or anywhere you spend your evening hours prior to going to bed.

    Protecting your eyes from blue and green light is not enough. When your skin is exposed to blue and green light at night, it will disrupt your sleep and circadian rhythms.

    The BlockBlueLight Twilight Bulb is 100% blue and green light free, has zero flicker, and is low EMF.

    Using our proprietary spectrum technology we can deliver flicker free LED light that has no sleep disturbing blue or green light ensuring optimal deep and restful sleep.

    The bedtime bulb is the ideal light source to be used when your ready to wind down and prepare your body for sleep. It specifically simulates the colours you see in a deep orange to red sunset, this triggers your brain to start preparing for sleep.

    It’s not just blue. It’s also green.

    The BlockBlueLight Twilight Bulb has been specially designed to remove 100% of blue AND 100% of green light. Research shows green light also has an impact on our melatonin production and overall sleep quality. To ensure your lighting environment is not affecting your sleep, you need to block not only all the blue light but all the green light as well.

    Whats the difference between the Twilight Bedtime Bulb and the SweetDreams Bulb?

    We developed the SweetDreams Bulb to be a more general purpose bulb for use throughout the home  to replace most 40w and 60w bulbs. These provide sufficient brightness and colour, all while removing 100% of the harmful blue light.  Swapping out most of the bulbs in your house with the SweetDreams Bulbs is a great way to give off a nice, warm, relaxing amber light throughout your home and still fully protect yourself and your loved ones against harmful blue light.

    The Twilight Bedtime Bulb is a dimmer light with not only all the blue light removed but also all the green light removed. These are great to use in reading lamps, bedrooms and bathrooms, and anywhere you wind down in the evening in the last few hours before bed. They still provide plenty of light to read and see and give off a sunset-deep orange to red glow. They are the ultimate bulb for ensuring the best possible sleep! If you are serious about your sleep, these are the bulbs for you!

    These Bulbs are designed for 220-240 Volts electrical systems, there is no guarantee or warranty when used in 110-120 Volts Systems.


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