Sweet Dreams Sleep Lights (No Blue Light)

  • Blue-Free General Purpose Light Bulb

    The light bulb for healthy sleep.

    Did you know that your standard household bulbs are having a serious impact on getting deep and restful sleep? All conventional lights used throughout our homes are high in the blue light spectrum, this tricks our brains into thinking its the middle of the day making us wired and alert.

    The BlockBlueLight Sweet Dreams Bulb utilises proprietary spectrum technology to deliver flicker free, high quality, warm evening lighting allowing you to properly wind down and relax. It improves the quality and duration of sleep and supports the natural sleep cycle.

  • No Blue Light. Better Sleep.

  • The Sweet Dreams Bulb is the ideal light source to be used throughout the home for maximum melatonin production, producing deep and restful sleep.


    Whats the difference between the Twilight Bedtime Bulb and the SweetDreams Bulb?

    We developed the SweetDreams Bulb to be a more general purpose bulb to used throughout the home  to replace most 40w and 60W bulbs, they provide sufficient brightness and colour while still removing 100% of the harmful blue light. This is a great solution to swap out most of the bulbs in your house, they give of a nice warm relaxing amber light yet still fully protect against harmful blue light..

    The Twilight Bedtime Bulb is a much dimmer light with not only all the blue light removed but also all the green light removed. These are great to use in reading lamps, bedrooms and bathroom, or anywhere you wind down in the evening in the last few hours before bed,  they still provide plenty of light to read and see, and give off a sunset deep orange to red glow. They are the ultimate bulb for ensuring the best possible sleep! If your serious about your sleep these are the bulbs for you.

  • These Bulbs are designed for 220-240 Volts electrical systems, there is no guarantee or warranty when used in a 110-120 Volts Systems
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Jacqueline K.
Australia Australia

Initial skeptic but convinced

I purchased a few of these lights understanding the science but a little skeptical about the rave reviews. I’m now a convert!! I initially bought 2 and went on to buy 4 more .... these lights are fantastic! Not only do they light the room in beautiful soft warm tones but they are strong enough to emit enough light to read etc. Very calming and falling off to sleep is so easy. Will buy more for sure!

Aimee H.

No more night owls

This has made all our little night owls voluntarily pull back their bedtime by 1-2 hours&awe ourselves are going to sleep with them, gladly! The difference is that for this mama-after almost 12 years I am finally getting some sleep!! Thankyou


Hey Aimee, you won't mind if we put this in our next sales pitch: "Helping your toddlers go to bed on time so you can have some you-time" ;) Glad to hear they are making your life easier.

C P.
Australia Australia


Gentle on the eyes and suitable for lighting needs. Great service thank you. They will become the norm,

A BlockBlueLight Customer
Anna H.
New Zealand New Zealand

I am loving your lights,

I am loving your lights, thank you. So warm and cosy in the evening and I am finding it so much easier to get to sleep if I only have your lights on after 7pm. If I do wake up in the middle of the night I go straight back to sleep where as before with the regular blue light bulbs I would stay awake for hours after waking up. I am recommending them to my friends and especially friends with babies who are up a lot during the night. Best health investment this year. I am sure there will be multiple health benefits long term by cutting out blue light as much as I can in my own home. :)

C P.
Australia Australia


Liked by visitors and others but my dear wife is taking time re the light in the kitchen. Hallway, bathroom, bedrooms all great, thanks.

A BlockBlueLight Customer
simone b.
Australia Australia

Very happy with the purchase

Very happy with the purchase we wish you made them in other light fittings! Gu10 etc

Daria L.
Australia Australia

Sweet Dreams Bulbs

I love the Sweet Dreams bulbs... the light from them is so relaxing and soft but still light enough to read. I have them in every room now. They're so much nicer than normal blue light bulbs.

Tania V.
New Zealand New Zealand

Sleeping like a baby

Really enjoying the new colour of our surroundings with these blue light blocking bulbs, both my husband and myself have noticed our sleeping is a lot longer and deeper. Thank you. Tania

Tania V. verified customer review of Sweet Dreams Sleep Lights (No Blue Light)
Australia Australia

Relaxing light bright enough for main light in bedroom

Enough light to still see well in the bedroom, enough to put away clothes and for my child to play with her toys quietly before bedtime. Fabulous for preparing for bedtime.

Gail C.
Australia Australia

Reading light beside bed

It has a soft yellow glow but enough to be able to read properly at night, it has a relaxing effect & when I turn it off I find going to sleep easy

Leslyn P.
Australia Australia

Nursery light

Very helpful and the perfect globe for my baby’s nursery lamp to reduce stimulation

Victoria H.
Australia Australia

These are great

Really comfortable lighting for night time, I love knowing they have no blue light so I don’t need to worry about them interfering with my sleep.

Lisa R.
Australia Australia

Blue blocking light globe

This bulb creates a lovely warm bright hue in my bedroom. Great to wind down to go to sleep even when reading my kindle. I have less eye strain & fall asleep faster than reading without it.

Lisa R. verified customer review of Sweet Dreams Sleep Lights (No Blue Light)
Tara B.
Australia Australia


I love these globes! They create such a lovely ambience and the whole family benefit from a better night sleep. #saygoodbyetobluelight

Hebbat V.
Australia Australia

Sweet Dream Light Bulbs work

My children get their second wind around 7pm and it made bedtime really difficult every single night. Since I’ve started using the no blue light bulbs an hour before bed, i have noticed a complete change in their energy. They’re calmer and bedtime is much less of a challenge. These bulbs really do help to have a healthy bedtime routine. I highly recommend.

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