NoBlue Amber Book Light

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  • The NoBlue Book Light is a rechargeable amber book light designed to clip perfectly to books, notepads, e-readers, or virtually anything with an edge! This light gives you a warm and relaxing evening experience complete free of any sleep disturbing blue light.

    This book light features our proprietary amber spectrum which is flicker free and gives off a warm relaxing candlelight feel that is 100% free of any blue light.

    The gooseneck is 360 degrees flexible and can be adjusted on right position where you want. This is especially useful when reading in bed with a partner.

    This is the ultimate blue free light to have on hand, its lightweight and completely portable. Perfect when traveling, camping, in the baby's nursery, or just anywhere you need some light that is 100% free of any sleep disturbing blue light.

    Rubber pad on the clip protects pages from being damaged and offers secure and stable clamping. The large clip has a flat bottom base to convert it into a table lamp providing a blue-free light source where ever you need it.

    Two brightness settings of 50% and 100%, the NoBlue Book Light allows for an easily adjusted variable brightness of 35 and 70 lumens.

    FULLY RECHARGEABLE - this book light is powered with a rechargeable lithium battery (1000mAh) which allows up to 16 hours of use before needing to be recharged.


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Alison B.
Australia Australia

Amber book light

I absolutely love it. Have no problems falling asleep, if anything it helps me fall to sleep. Love that you can re-charge the battery too!

Lyn C.
New Zealand New Zealand

Blue light reading light

I received my light quickly and have been delighted with it. It is easy to use and the night light is so soft but very good to read with

Rachel B.
Australia Australia

Great book light

I really enjoy reading with the book light. It provides enough light for reading but without the brightness of a normal light. I would recommend this product.

Maria D.
Australia Australia

No blue light book light

Love this little light. It clips next to my bedside tray and there's enough light to read or get whatever i want that's next to me. It doesn't hurt my eyes - so yep - it's great. It recharges with a cable - which is great!

Kristina B.
Australia Australia

Best book light ever!

This is the best book light! So gentle on the eyes and books can easily be read with it! It's also great to turn on if you have to get up in the night. Brilliant! I highly recommend it!

Aimee H.
Australia Australia


Loving this product so much. Will be getting one for each family member. The kids can now lie in their bunks and read before bed without disturbing each other, I have a handy night light or can myself lie in bed and read once everyone is asleep without the usual tossing and turning (I used to notice that if I read in bed it would start to disturb the other family members despite using a dull light). Love it!

Cathy W.
Australia Australia

Book light and globe

Book light is great to use now that I have gone back to reading real books The globe works well in my bedroom

angelique m.
Australia Australia

It’s perfect

Love it so much.

New Zealand New Zealand

Glowing Review

This item was bought as a gift to my mother to replace the high-intensity, harsh and glary, white LED reading light (she bought thinking it was a good idea to use to read in bed at night). Ever since she's started using it her sleep has dramatically improved. (She's now recommending it to her friends.) Cannot recommend this lamp highly enough :) Sleep is the foundation of well-being, the very bedrock upon which all else rests. I'll also be investing in one for myself as it's well made and is small and light enough to travel with. Thank you!

Tim J.
Australia Australia

Book light

Great little light that’s easily portable.

Uta B.
Australia Australia

Amber booklight

Love this for reading. For me it’s strong enough on the dimmer setting to read in bed. Took it camping and it was enough to illuminate the tent and eat by. Bought a second one I liked it so much. Just need to protect the on/off switch when packing so it doesn’t inadvertently turn on and go flat.

sabrina r.
Australia Australia

Book Lights

Very happy with my purchase.

lisa .S
Australia Australia

NoBlue Amber Book Light

This little flexible light that clips to your book is fantastic.... though i clip mine up on the bed head just above me ... bright enough to read my book and i dont need to wear my blue light blocking glasses to read anymore.... Would definitely recommend these..

Jane I.
New Zealand New Zealand

Book light great

I love this little light. It conveniently clips on to the book and emits a calming amber hue allowing easy reading of the words. I am very glad to have it

kareen c.
Australia Australia

Little gem

This little book light is brilliant, and has become my bed side lamp too as it’s easy to find the on off switch, great for my night time reading and journaling after which I can sleep soundly.

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