Twilight Red Light Blue Blocking Torch

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  • Red Light LED Torch

    We have designed the ultimate touch to use when maneuvering in darkness without disrupting melatonin production. The BlockBlueLight Twilight Torch uses 9 x bright LED's and emits only pure red light (625nm), so there is no sleep disrupting blue or green light exposure, guaranteeing yourself maximum melatonin production for deep and restful sleep.

    The BlockBlueLight Twilight Torch is a must have for your blue light blocking tool kit. It provides plenty of sleep promoting red light allowing you to easily navigate the dark with out exposing yourself with harmful artificial light at night and harming your sleep quality.

    Perfect for situations where you need a small amount of light to see but don't want to turn on your lights and get blasted with blue light. Most people will use their flashlight function on their smart phone which is very high in blue light! Stop disrupting your sleep and use this handy pocket sized torch instead.

    Midnight bathroom trips and finding your way to bed at night no longer need to interfere with your sleep quality anymore.


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Jeanette C.
Australia Australia

Twilight Red Light Blue Blocking Torch is wonderful

Both myself and my husband bought one of these torches. Our bedroom has blackouts on every window. The torch gives enough light to use the toilet and check the time during the night. It doesn't wake up or disturb the other person at all. It is very handy for my husband going to bed quite a bit later than me - it doesn't disturb me at all and he can see well enough with it - no crashing into the furniture of the door now. I use it when I get up a lot earlier than him - it's wonderful.

Aimee H.
Australia Australia

No more baby blues

Using for getting up with baby in the night. Perfect, practical and non-disturbing for my sleep or anyone else. Thankyou!!

Tracey J.
New Zealand New Zealand


I love the torch as it prevents you waking up properly at night when going to the toilet. I also use it for rooms that I need to go into after dark for something. All products are amazing and the customer service and follow up info is supportive and informatative. Would highly recommend

Kerrie G.
Australia Australia

Love the torch

Love this. I keep it by my bed.

Ruth B.
New Zealand New Zealand

Twilight Red Blue Blocking Torch

This is a great little torch! Before it arrived I was a bit worried that the red light might not be strong enough, but it is more than sufficient. I'm going on a cruise soon and as the cabin will be an inside one I'm told I need a torch like this as at night it will be pitch black. So now I don't need to worry about falling over things or waking up my partner if I need to get up for anything.

Nadia M.
Australia Australia

Twilight Torch - red light, blue blocking

Unique, no glare, surprisingly clear - good visual clarity. Fun red light, feels special. I feel good using it.

Anne F.
Australia Australia

Twilight Red Light Blue Blocking Torch.

A great little torch, gives very good light. I take it outside when I let my small dog out, it saves me putting on the outside light. A great size for travelling .

Mary M.
Australia Australia

my new red torch

I have been using my new torch for about 2 weeks, it gives me plenty of light when I need it inside at night. I’ve noticed I seem to go back to sleep usually right away. Thanks for the product. I will tell my friends: we all need plenty of good quality sleep!! Thanks, Mary

Fiona L.

Great Idea

Loving the Twilight red Light Blue Blocking Torch. The light is bright enough to see and the benefits are amazing - back into bed and straight back to sleep. No buggy white light eyes!!!

Michelle B.

Great product would highly recommend.

As someone that often gets up during the night, I'm very happy to have a torch that doesn't reduce my melatonin levels or disrupt my circadian rhythms. Gives off a good light, very easy to see. Very happy with this product.

Nola R.

Twilight Red Light Blue Blocking Torch

Love the torch. Use it every night in my bedroom instead of using main light or lamps. Knowing I,m not doing any eye damage and also affecting my melatonin production. Will get another in the near future. Thanks a lot, so pleased someone thought of doing the lighting in the torches. Nola

Sarina M.

Love it

Great for trips to loo in the middle of the night.

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