Original Fit-over Blue Light Blocking Glasses


Original Fit-over Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Our most cost effective solution to block blue light - the Original Blue Light Blocking Fit-over Glasses.

These BlockBlueLight glasses are designed to fit over your reading or prescription glasses.

Our SunDown Amber Lens has been specifically designed to block all blue light from 380-500nm and all green light from 500-530nm from electronic devices without distorting your vision.

Unlike many other glasses on the market that don't block all blue-spectrum light, these glasses also feature:

  1. Improved wrap-around fit, meaning less artificial light leakage from the sides
  2. SunDown Amber Lens, meaning all blue light is blocked, UV light is blocked and green light is blocked from 380 - 530nm
  3. Cost: This is the most cost-effective solution on the market, without compromising quality or rsults
  4. Comes complete with detailed packaging about blue light (great for gifts!)


  • Frame width - 140mm
  • Arms - 130mm


Original Fit-over Glasses feature:

  • All blue light from 380-500nm and all green light from 500-530nm is blocked
  • Impact and scratch resistant 
  • Fit-over design for wearing over prescription glasses
  • Specifically designed to help you sleep by blocking harmful UV & blue light
  • Use after sundown when you are exposed to artificial light for improved sleep

What's the difference between these and the NightFall Fit-overs?

The Nightfall Fit-overs are our premium and best fit-over glasses, and here's why:

  1. The Nightfall features our Nocturnal Red Lens - which blocks not only blue light, but green light as well. To a lesser degree, green light can also impact melatonin and sleep
  2. Our Nightfall glasses have a stylish frame - they look great on! 
  3. The Nightfall comes with a hard case, perfect for storing your glasses and travelling with them.

Which should you choose?

If you are serious about improving your sleep, and you want a nice looking set of glasses that come with a handy case, then our Nightfall Fit-overs are the recommended choice!

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Yoo J.

Must have item in this day and age!

Everyone thinks im crazy for wearing these, but my sleep has improved because i actually get sleepy now at the right time instead of being wide awake for hours at night. Theyre simple but effective and sturdy. Great value for something so vital for your health (sleep). Now when I dont wear these glasses, I notice how bright and blue all the lights are everywhere; my house lights, light that creeps in from the street, etc. Putting night shift on your phone alone isnt enough, you’ll need glasses like these if you’re serious about blocking blue light and improving your sleep quality. Dont mind the science experiment and construction jokes when you’ll be getting better sleep than anyone :)



I love it! Thanks for such an epic review. Everything you said resonates with us here at Blueblockers :)

Darra K.

Works well

I bought these fitover glasses for using at night on the iPad and watching tv. Being fitovers they certainly don’t look very glamorous. But they do work. The nights I have used them I have actually slept better. Unfortunately being large enough to fit over my glasses means that they tend to sit quite heavily on my nose and I can’t always wear them.



Hi Darra, thanks for the review and comment! Yes we admit they're not the most aesthetically pleasing of glasses, but we do know for a fact that they help you sleep :)

Yvonne S.


I was already a deep sleeper with the help of the supplement melatonin, but I would wake about 4 am. On the first use of the glasses and every night since, I've slept through to about 6.30am. That's about two weeks now. So I have to say, they are very good.



This is such great news! Thanks for sharing this with us :)

Sam C.

We love our BlueBlockers

These glasses are comfortable to wear and the first night I used them I slept better than I had for a while. The kids are happy to wear them too, which means they can continue doing some homework on their devices after sundown and not have their sleep negatively affected. I’m so happy with this purchase.



Thanks so much Sam, and I'm glad to hear your whole family is benefitting from our glasses.

A BlueBlockers Customer
Lynette W.


A great adjunct to restoring my energy. At 76 and having had several bad falls over the past years my physical body has caused me many sleepless nights. Now wearing BlueBlockers Fitover Glasses for 2 hours before I retire to bed I am finding my sleep pattern is settling down and my energy levels are up so much so I am not looking for that "Nanna Nap" during the afternoon. EXCELLENT.



Amazing! I'm so pleased to hear that your energy is up from wearing our glasses :) And thanks for sharing this review.

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