NightFall Premium FITOVER Blue Blocking Glasses

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  • NightFall Premium Fit-Over Blue Light Blocking Glasses

    These glasses are designed to fit over your reading or prescription glasses.

    Nocturnal Red Lenses utilise unique technology to filter out the all wavelengths that interfere with melatonin production - maximising your sleep quality, performance, and health.

    These are the world's most advanced blue and green light blocking lenses designed for after-dark use. They block 99% of blue and green light from 380-570nm making it the most powerful lens on the market.

    High quality light frame with a wrap-around fit to minimise leakage of unfiltered light, and high quality design to ensure a comfortable fit.

    These blue blocker glasses are made for people who are serious about improving their sleep and want the best possible product to do the job! You can still see to read, watch TV or work on your computer/tablet/phone, while your sleep hormones shift to night mode.

    To ensure you have both day AND night protection we recommend you also use a set of our ScreenTime FITOVER daytime glasses during the day


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Peter E.
Australia Australia

Helping my mate

I purchased these for a good friend who writes: "I've used the glasses a few times and watching TV with Mum last night was much easier with them then without them. It seemed to help my head state so that I did not get so stressed out watching TV. Thanks."

Rachel B.
Australia Australia

Comfortable glasses

The glasses are very comfortable and sit well over my reading glasses. So far they do seem to be making a difference with improved sleep

Kellie C.
Australia Australia


Great glasses for the night owl, has improved sleep and quality of sleep.

Deborah M.
Australia Australia

Happy Peepers

Such a noticeable difference, I have less eye strain when wearing the fitover glasses and they sit perfectly over my large frames. Thank you!

Peter E.
Australia Australia

Positive Benefits

I've been trying the Nightfall Premium Fitover Blue Blocking Glasses for some weeks now. They fit surprisingly well over my, rather large sized, glasses. While prolonged use tends to be a bit uncomfortable (from the pressure on the sides of my head - I do have a large head, after all), wearing these Blue Blocking Glasses without my prescription glasses at the same time is quite comfortable. With or without my prescription glasses, these Blue Blocking Glasses keep out around 95% of unblocked light around the edges/frames, which is good. I've found that, when wearing these glasses for 1-2 hours before bedtime helps me feel tired sooner and thus I don't tend to stay up as late watching tv or computing as I normally do. It took me about a week of use to feel the full benefit of blocking blue light, but I have noticed a significant positive difference in my sleep pattern and energy levels.

Melinda A.
Australia Australia

Nightfall Fitover Glasses

I have been using the nightfall glasses for about a week now and have noticed a difference in my sleep. I wear them for an hour to hour and half before going to bed. The first time you put them on you notice the red tint but you easily get used to this. In fact, if you take them off during that time, I have notice how bright my one dimmer light I have on at night which usually is set to quite dim, actually is. You can still see everything you need to. Should have tried these a long time ago.

Yuliya K.
Australia Australia

The most comfortable and light weight fit.

Good way to start with blueblocking glasses.

Jenna M.
Australia Australia

Nightfall fitover blue blocking glasses

they are very comfortable to use, don't slip off, fit over my reading glasses when I need them, and my sleep is improved when I use them for an hour or two before bed. So really happy with them.

Mezbaul B.
Australia Australia

Excellent buy

Happy with this glasses

Kay L.
Australia Australia

Nightfall Premium Fitover Blue Blocking Glasses

Excellent: the fitovers sit in place comfortably over my prescription glasses, and block the blue light!


These are great

These are the best blue light blocking glasses I've owned. They fit really comfortably over my normal glasses and I know I sleep so much better being able to block out so much blue light with these glasses.

A BlockBlueLight Customer
Can K.
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan

Came up with my expectations

Came up with my expectations


Great glasses

As soon as I arrive home from work I put the nightfall blue light blocker glasses on. They are comfortable to wear over my glasses and now that I'm used to the strange tint that everything has, I'm enjoying wearing them. I know they are protecting me from all the blue light that is around me, whether I'm aware of it or not. So now wearing the glasses, has become a habit. I had a cheaper orange pair that I'd purchased years ago, but they were so uncomfortable and didn't block very much, that I rarely wore them. The whole process of ordering and delivery was efficient and very fast. I highly recommend your products. Even had a friend purchase a couple of items from your website recently and he is very happy as well.

Julianna C.

Sleeping Much Better!!

I am starting to get used to the glasses. Using for iPad and streaming on computer in evening. Have noticed that I am sleeping better.

Jim B.
New Zealand New Zealand

Better sleep

I have started to wear these glasses 90 minutes before I go to bed. My fitbit indicates that my sleep quality has improved, I think it has too

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