Sweet Dreams Blue Blocking Downlight

  • The Worlds Healthiest 100% Blue Light Free Downlight!

    Blocking blue light from entering the eyes is only addressing part of the problem. When your skin is also exposed to blue light it can also disrupt your sleep and circadian rhythms. All LED downlights that are used in our homes are very high on the blue light spectrum, which tricks our brains into thinking it’s the middle of the day, making us wired and alert. Conventional LED downlights also produce high amounts of flicker which causes headaches and eye strain.

    The SweetDreams Downlight is the worlds first and only 100% blue light free, zero flicker,  low EMF LED recessed downlight.

    This downlight features our same proprietary spectrum technology to produce 100% blue light free, zero flicker, low EMF light. There is no other LED downlight available that ticks all these boxes for healthy lighting!

    We also have our same Sweet Dreams bulb in B22 bayonet, E27 screw, and E14 small screw light bulbs.

    These downlights are designed for 220-240 Volts electrical systems, there is no guarantee or warranty when used in 110-120 Volts Systems.