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    Blue Light Glasses Backed By Science & Sleep Friendly Lighting

    Block blue light to fix sleep issues, eliminate eye strain, and maintain optimal health

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  • Great sleep: As simple as changing a light bulb.

    Eliminate the biggest source of harmful blue light by using our Blue Blocking Light Bulbs, Downlights, Night Lights, Sleep Lamps, and many more healthy lighting innovations.

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  • Computer Glasses for Digital Eye Strain & Headaches

    Our ScreenTime Computer Glasses filter blue light and reduce glare responsible for causing eye strain, headaches, and migraines.

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We love technology, and it’s getting harder and harder to imagine our lives without it. But everything has its own set of drawbacks. The time spent on the devices and being exposed to modern lighting is no exception! Thankfully, BlockBlueLight is spent many years researching and developing the most optimal blue light blocking glasses and lighting products that are all evidence based and backed by the latest academic research.

Our ScreenTime Computer Glasses are designed to be used when exposed to any artificial light during the daytime. They have been specifically developed to filter out all theharmful blue light wavelengths that cause eye strain, headaches, migraines, while still allowing the beneficial light through which is responsible for making us feel awake, motivated, and happy.

Our NightFall Blue Light Blocking Glasses are designed to be used at night-time. These not only block 100% of blue light, but also block green light wavelengths. The latest research shows both blue and green light interrupt the body's natural circadian rhythm and lowers the sleep hormone melatonin. So for any Blue Blocking Glasses to work optimally they must block 100% of blue and green light up to 550nm.

Our Blue Light Free Lighting solutions provide protection to the whole body from harmful exposure to artificial blue light.  The receptors in our eyes that respond to blue light also exist throughout our skin, so by using healthy lighting that has the blue light eliminated, all flicker removed, and is low EMF, ensures your living in a biological friendly lighting environment.

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