ScreenTime Premium Blue Blocking Computer Glasses


Blue Light Blocking Daytime Computer Glasses 

Our ScreenTime premium daytime glasses are specifically designed for those spending significant time during the day in front of screens. They feature our specialised ClearBlue lens, designed to filter out harmful artificial blue light emitted by digital devices, and all other artificial light sources.

These glasses filter over 50% of blue light across all of the blue light spectrum (400nm-500nm) to alleviate digital eye strain, sore and tired eyes, headaches/ migraines, and blurred vision from both screen time and bright LED or fluorescent lighting in the work place.

The ClearBlue lens technology provides you with crystal clear vision without any colour distortion. The transparency and technology of the clear lens lets in the good light responsible for alertness, mood, brain activity and optimal health whilst filtering the harmful artificial blue light that leads to digital eye strain, headaches, and macular degeneration. 

By allowing exposure to only the correct wave lengths of blue light during the day, and limiting all blue light at night, your body will get the best out of both your sleeping and waking hours. 

Our ScreenTime glasses feature a premium frame made from high quality, lightweight aluminium.



  • Filters 50% of harmful artificial blue light across the entire blue light spectrum
  • ClearBlue lens - providing crystal clear vision without any colour distortion
  • Stops headaches and migraines, blurred vision, eye strain, and minimises risk of macular degeneration
  • Minimises blue light impact on your circadian rhythm
  • Premium frame made of ultra-light aluminum-magnesium alloy material

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Hospital worker

Blue blockers are a MUST working in a hospital. Love I can wear a clear-tinted pair during the day. Surprised - I actually really love the look and frame. Perfect. Thank you!


Hi Laura, Yes we agree hospital lighting is very harsh and a must to protect against! Glad to hear you like the style of our day glasses, we spent alot of time is designing them to look just like normal glasses anyone would wear


Brilliant glasses

I love these glasses. They're a must-have for anyone on screens a lot. They aren't as anti-social looking as the amber ones but I feel they're just as good. I'm getting sleepier a little earlier in the evening and I'm sure it's because my melatonin levels are rising healthily thanks to the glasses blocking the blue light. Thanks, Alexx

Erika H

Fantastic for Screen Time!

Can't rate these enough if you work on computers for long periods. No eye strain at all - they are very softening on the eyes and almost make me a little sleepy, in a good way. I love how light and slim they are as I was wondering what they would be like for a petite female. My co-workers also feel i'm more added bonus!

David B

Headaches and eyestrain be gone!

Where I work and for my job I have to stare at computer screens all day under fluro tube lighting. Terrible. These glasses have been a godsend! No more eyestrain and fatigue from flickering lighting and blue lights.


Blue Blocking with Style

The orange Blue Blockers are great, but lets face it they are not very becoming and the powerful tint can make reading and other activities difficult. these offer a stylish lightly tinted blue blocker that can be worn anywhere, anytime with aplomb. They are seriously cool. And light weight, comfortable and easy to wear. While I prefer the orange lens for home and the powerful tint, these are great for reading, computer work, going out in public, and when you want to impress that special someone without ruining your melatonin levels and circadian rhythms.

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