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  • Blue Light Filter Daytime Computer Glasses

    Our ScreenTime premium daytime filter glasses are specifically designed for those spending significant periods of time during the day in front of screens. They feature our specialised ClearBlue lenses, designed to filter out harmful artificial blue light emitted by digital devices, and all other artificial light sources.

    These glasses filter over 50% of blue light across all of the blue light spectrum (400nm-500nm) to alleviate digital eye strain, sore and tired eyes, headaches/ migraines, and blurred vision from both screen time and bright LED or fluorescent lighting in the workplace.

    ClearBlue Lens Technology

    ClearBlue lens technology is designed to provide users with a crystal-clear view of their screen, without having to worry about harmful blue light exposure. ClearBlue lenses let you use your devices when you need to, without any off colours or chromatic distortion.
    ClearBlue lens technology helps users ensure that they are looking after their health and wellbeing. Permitting the good light responsible for alertness, mood, brain activity and optimal health whilst filtering the harmful artificial blue light that leads to digital eye strain, headaches, and macular degeneration.

    Benefits of BlockBlueLight Products

    Blue light is an often-overlooked aspect of our health and wellbeing. Blue light exposure at the wrong points of the day can be disruptive to our sleep cycle and make it difficult to develop healthy daily habits and patterns.

    The use of blue light blocking glasses can help you reduce your exposure. By allowing only the correct wavelengths of blue light during the day, and limiting all blue light at night, your body will get the best out of both your sleeping and waking hours.

    Quality Built Blue Light Filter Technology

    Our ScreenTime glasses feature a premium frame made from high quality, lightweight aluminium.

    If you wear reading or prescription glasses, we offer our ScreenTime FITOVER daytime glasses, so you can continue to wear your glasses and still obtain maximum protection from screens and devices during the day.

    Protect your eyes from the strains of long sessions in front of the computer with blue light blocking technology. Our ScreenTime computer glasses, with blue light filter technology, are the best way to ensure that you are protected from the effects of excessive blue light exposure.


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Kristina B.
Australia Australia

Perfect for my Mum

We bought the Screen Time Fitover glasses for my Mum who lives in an aged care facility. Living there means she is mostly indoors, under lights and with the TV and computer in high use. She has macular degeneration so I thought these would be very beneficial for this as well. She absolutely loves the glasses and wears them all the time.

Avril B.
Australia Australia

Love them

Easy to wear and I have found my sleep has improved. I have worn the orange FITOVER for some years and use these now during the day screen and tv time. Great company, great product! Thank you

Avril Berthelot verified customer review of ScreenTime FITOVER Premium Gaming + Computer Glasses
A BlockBlueLight Customer
Xanthe B.
Australia Australia

Excellent for screen use

I have been using my blockers for about 3 weeks and have found I am significantly less tired after a day on the 2 screens at my work desk. I feel that I am winding down better at night as well.

A BlockBlueLight Customer
Dianne M.
Australia Australia

A surprising relief

I've been wearing night time blue-blockers for years, and decided to try the screen time glasses for daytime use to workout if it made any difference. The first thing I noticed was my eye felt less strain looking at a screen - within minutes. Gold.

David R.
Australia Australia


So far I am impressed with these glasses which I am using for computer work. They give a clear white light.

Richard H.
Australia Australia


Started using them at home as soon as I got them, comfortable to wear even with headphones on, stylish and unobtrusive design, so much so that I leave them on even when I am not at the computer, I should have gotten a second pair to leave at the office!

Nicole C.
Australia Australia

Great products

Good, fitted easily over his reading glasses and felt comfortable, was easy to adjust to the red at night.

Nicole C. verified customer review of ScreenTime FITOVER Premium Gaming + Computer Glasses
Australia Australia

Another Selling Point

Within hours I found that my new glasses not only blocks blue light , but also, to my surprise,significantly reduces my debilitating EHS (Electromagnetic sensitivity).

Bev .

Computer Glasses

I love them, not too tight and doesnt contort vision when looking away from the computer.

Chris G.
New Zealand

Excellent product

Since I began using the glasses I have had much less "dry eye" -- happy!

Kristina B.

Quite life changing!

Great blue blocking glasses. My eyes feel so much better. And the design & fit is great too.

Lynn C.

Screen Time Computer Glasses

Would not be without these glasses during the day. Have no more problems with my eyes being sore and tired from the computer screen. I feel so much more protected and so grateful I can be on the computer without damaging my health and eyes. A very important tool for all computer users.


Hospital worker

Blue blockers are a MUST working in a hospital. Love I can wear a clear-tinted pair during the day. Surprised - I actually really love the look and frame. Perfect. Thank you!


Hi Laura, Yes we agree hospital lighting is very harsh and a must to protect against! Glad to hear you like the style of our day glasses, we spent alot of time is designing them to look just like normal glasses anyone would wear


Brilliant glasses

I love these glasses. They're a must-have for anyone on screens a lot. They aren't as anti-social looking as the amber ones but I feel they're just as good. I'm getting sleepier a little earlier in the evening and I'm sure it's because my melatonin levels are rising healthily thanks to the glasses blocking the blue light. Thanks, Alexx

Erika H.

Fantastic for Screen Time!

Can't rate these enough if you work on computers for long periods. No eye strain at all - they are very softening on the eyes and almost make me a little sleepy, in a good way. I love how light and slim they are as I was wondering what they would be like for a petite female. My co-workers also feel i'm more added bonus!

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