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Pavoscreen Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses 

The Pavoscreen Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses are designed for daytime and computer use. 

These frames are made from high quality light weight aluminium 

They cut 50% of blue light and 100% of UV light, without impacting the colour of your screen. This makes them great for those who look at screens all day.


  • Reduces the impact of harmful blue light that modern LCD screens emit
  • Blocks radiation
  • Anti-Glare properties
  • Anti-Scratch properties
  • Reduces the effects of eye strain from screen use
  • Minimises blue light impact on your circadian rhythm
  • Stylish modern frame, available in silver or black.
  • Ultra lightweight weighing only 20 grams. Frame made of ultra-light aluminum-magnesium alloy material
  • Unisex design

These glasses block 50% of blue light and 100% of UV light. They are designed to be worn during the day when using computer screens. After sundown we recommend using our blue blocking glasses that block 100% of blue light.

 Blue Light From Screens and Retina Eye Damage

This from

"Overexposure to digital displays is linked to the issue of blue light. Eye doctor and medical advisor to the Vision Council, Dora Adamopoulos, recalls that “a great deal of research is currently underway to determine its precise impact on the eyes and vision.

One thing is certain: the blue-violet spectrum (415-455 nm) is particularly harmful [4]. It penetrates deeply and causes photochemical reactions likely to damage retinal cells, with a cumulative effect. The retina cannot be replaced; its alteration therefore leaves the eye vulnerable to harmful light and environmental factors, thereby increasing the risk of early development of ophthalmic disorders, such as AMD.”

Our blue light blocking computer glasses protect your eye from the harmful light that modern screens emit. 

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