Original Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Original Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Our most cost effective solution to block blue light are the Original Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

Our SunDown Amber Lens has been specifically designed to block all blue light from 380-500nm and all green light from 500-530nm from electronic devices without distorting your vision.

Unlike many other glasses on the market that don't block all blue-spectrum light, these glasses also feature:

  1. Improved wrap-around fit, meaning less artificial light leakage from the sides
  2. SunDown Amber Lens, meaning all blue light is blocked, UV light is blocked and green light is blocked from 380 - 530nm
  3. Cost: This is the most cost-effective solution on the market, without compromising quality or rsults
  4. Comes complete with detailed packaging about blue light (great for gifts!)


  • Frame width - 140mm
  • Arms - 115mm


What's the difference between these, the Style, and the Nightfall glasses?

The Nightfall Glasses are our premium and best blue light blocking glasses, and here's why:

  1. The Nightfall features our Nocturnal Red Lens - which blocks not only blue light, but green light as well. To a lesser degree, green light can also impact melatonin and sleep
  2. Our Nightfall glasses have a stylish frame - they look great on! 
  3. The Nightfall comes with a hard case, perfect for storing your glasses and travelling with them.

Meanwhile our Style uses the same orange lens, but comes with a handy travel case and a more fashionable frame.

What should you choose?

If you are serious about improving your sleep, and you want a nice looking set of glasses that come with a handy case, then our Nightfall Premium Glasses are the recommended choice.




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